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Bringing Comprehensive Financial Planning

For Over 40 Years

From 1981 to Today,

Our Mission’s Remained the Same.

We’re here, and always have been, to bring a team-based, professional approach to managing your financial wellness. That’s how we’ve found success in serving the southern New Hampshire business community for over 40 years.

A Bit About Us

Our firm was founded in 1981 by Marc Hebert and Tim Riley. Early on, Hebert and Riley knew that pursuing financial planning as fiduciaries was the best way to serve the local community. This piloted the firm into a new direction, where they were among the pioneers in the field of becoming registered investment advisors who could offer comprehensive financial planning that served their clients' best interests.

We’ve been proudly following this model for more than four decades, and we’re excited to continue working hard to help you preserve and protect your financial well-being. As fee-only financial planners and as an employee-owned firm, you can be confident that the integrity of our relationship with you is our highest priority.

Looking forward, we’ve worked diligently to ensure the longevity of Harbor Group. That means that whether you’re already in retirement or a few years away, we’ll always be here to help.

See For Yourself Why We’ve Stood the Test of Time

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