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Welcome to Your Financial Future

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From Here Through Retirement

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Helping Families

Since 1981

Turning the Burden of Financial Planning Into a Blessing

At Harbor Group, we work with families who could use a helping hand in managing and protecting their wealth. We believe our clients take pride in sending their kids off to college, give charitably and look forward to retirement—all while enjoying the freedom of delegating their financial responsibilities to us.

What We Do Differently at Harbor Group

Build You a Team

While you’ll have a primary advisor working with you, we want to give you as much support as possible. Every client will get to know a number of team members, who can help manage various questions or concerns. As fiduciaries, we will always act in your best interests and as a fee-only planning firm, our focus is on our advice to you.

Prepare for Longevity

We’ve been operating as an employee-owned firm for over 40 years, and we plan on being around for at least 40 more. Rest assured, we’ll be here to help you to and through retirement, whenever the time is right for you.

Think Comprehensively

Savings and investments aside, there are so many facets to financial planning that it’s easy to miss a thing or two when going it alone. We’ve helped families make these important considerations over the years, and we know what to look for when helping you too.

Ready to See the Difference for Yourself?

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