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How We’ll Work Together

Our Process

1: We’ll Start By Getting to Know Each Other

Whether you were referred to us by a trusted friend or found us on your own, we’ll start by having a quick call. During this conversation, we’ll let you know what we do, how we work and whether or not we may be a good match. This is a brief 30-minute conversation.

2: Client Discovery Meeting

If we think we may be a good match based on our initial conversation, we’ll set up a discovery meeting. We’ll have you fill out a brief questionnaire and bring in any relevant documents. This is the time we’ll dive deeper into your current financial standing, your portfolio and your long-term goals.

3: Portfolio Allocation

The next step is to help you understand how your money is currently invested and what we would suggest doing differently. This is a great time for us to answer any questions you may have and provide some input on financial planning as well. If we find each other to be a good fit, this is when we will welcome you aboard as a new client.

4: Presentation of Your Financial Plan

At our next meeting, we’ll present our financial planning recommendations in a focused manner so that we can target the areas that are most relevant to your financial life.

5: Implementation & Ongoing Monitoring

When you’re comfortable, we’ll prioritize what comes next and set our plan into motion. We’ll figure out who's responsible for executing these recommendations and, of course, answer any questions you may have.

Over the coming years, we’ll keep a close eye on your financial plan and portfolio. As you experience changes in life, we’ll adjust to make sure it’s still aligned with your needs.