Harbor Group Services

Individual Planning

Harbor Group believes that financial planning is a dynamic process that must constantly evolve in order to reflect the changing circumstances of our clients' lives. Below is a brief overview of our services to provide a sense of how we help clients navigate the waters of life.

Retirement Planning

Though the desire to stop working and achieve financial independence is widespread, everyone ultimately has different retirement goals and dreams. As such, we focus on the path to obtain your definintion of retirement. Grounded with analysis, we explore questions such as: Should you be saving more money? Can you maintain your standard of living? What happens if you live longer than expected?

Wealth Management

Our investment management services take a global perspective given our hyper-connected world. We tailor diversified portfolios to the unique needs of retirees and high net worth individuals with a keen eye on costs and underlying risks. Our services enable you to focus on your life's passions rather than spending time trading and researching investment opportunities.

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

We consider transfer strategies that integrate with your overall wealth stewardship. This includes understanding the complexities of an estate that is potentially subject to estate taxes and probate court. We also consider the coordination of your unique legal documents with practical matters such as asset ownership and beneficiary designations. The ultimate goal is to properly position your accumulated assets so that they efficiently transfer to loved ones or charity.

Education Planning

The cost of a college education continues to rise while the importance of receiving an education has never been more paramount. Comprehensive knowledge of the available tax-advantaged vehicles allows us to illustrate ways to maximize your education savings while being mindful of financial aid implications.

Risk Management

"Risk" means many different things to different people. Our planning mitigates exposures to risk by exploring topics such as disability income protection, property and casualty liability considerations, and asset protection for professional liability. Also, many successful individuals are repeatedly presented with ill-advised life insurance strategies that fall away from the true focus of needed coverage. Our clear and objective approach helps you sort through the maze of options.

Income Tax Planning

Is there anything you can do to reduce your income taxes today? Careful attention to details and the timing of income distributions can help in reducing your tax bite. Furthermore, we incorporate our investment management decisions with your unique tax situation, including strategically locating assets across your accounts in a tax-efficient manner.

Charitable Giving

We believe giving back to the community is an important aspect of an individual's relationship with wealth. Through a proactive approach to charitable giving, we provide advice on the possibilities to accomplish your objectives. By considering the ultimate beneficiary of your generosity, we help identify assets that maximize the benefits to the donor and recipient.

Business Planning

Many of our clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs. We cater to the unique challenges and opportunities that confront businesses as they grow and adapt. Below is a brief overview of our services tailored to the small business community.

Succession Planning

You may have built your business from the ground up and want to ensure that it lasts beyond your tenure. This transition is not simple from either a financial or emotional perspective, so we address important factors to consider such as buy-sell agreements and gifting strategies.

Pension Planning

While corporate pensions have declined in use, they can be an effective retirement planning tool for business owners. Our ability to understand your business's specific needs and apply our knowledge of the defined benefit landscape can help ensure that your company's retirement plan is structured efficiently.

Retirement Savings Plans

Are you maximizing the resources that you have allocated to your retirement savings plans? Are you concerned about financially motivating your employees to participate and contribute to these plans? Have you complied with the myriad of regulations? Do you have an investment policy statement? We discuss these questions and pose others that you may not have considered to inform you of possible alternatives.

Employee Benefit Planning

Attracting and retaining the right talent can be one of the most expensive parts of managing a business. Through thoughtful consideration of the benefits you offer and to whom, you can ensure your business is positioned to flourish.